Our blending services: capable, experienced, professional and reliable

Our experienced and dedicated team of technicians are ready to work with you to create your innovative products. Our food powder blending services are the cornerstone of our business and our core area of expertise..

We have multiple mixing lines, so we have the capacity to process thousands of tonnes of quality product annually.

We can streamline your manufacturing chain by removing the roadblocks in your process. Do you want to add multiple ingredients to a singular premix solution? Or do you want to convert your products to a more convenient pack size to suit your processes more efficiently? We have the knowledge and expertise to create the optimum solution for your specific needs.

Our food powder blending services

  • Complete finished products, ready for consumers to enjoy
  • Customised powder premixes to streamline your manufacturing processes
  • Conversion to various pack sizes to increase efficiency in your manufacturing processes


Does your co-packer have restrictions on process input capabilities?

Do you need a very specific amount to streamline your batching process perfectly? Would you like 1000kg FIBCs to feed directly into your processing lines?

We can meet most industrial and food service contract manufacturing needs, such as:

  • Flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBCs) or Bulk Bags. We can fill FIBCs from 100kg to 1000kg.
  • Open-mouth kraft bags, stitched or heat sealed. Fill 5kg to 25kg kraft bags, in two sealing options, stitched or heat-sealed.
  • Repacking/conversion

Assistance with down-packing or converting products from bulk to bag or bag to bulk.

Food packaging solutions

Our packaging provides the ideal solution for your food service customers and their consumers. This includes 500g to 2kg Pillow Pouch bags, Preformed Doybags and Stand Up Pouches.

We have a range of consumer-focused solutions, to power your e-commerce platform. If you are looking for other packaging options, please get in touch with us and we’ll create the best solution for your requirements.

If you are looking for other packaging options, please get in touch with us and we’ll work to create the best solution for you.